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You’ll find fifteen of the most delicious cake recipes here. A cake flavor to satisfy any mom’s sweet tooth. Put a smile on your mom’s face with one of these delectable cakes!

You might think buying flowers for Mom is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. That may be true, but can’t you imagine Mom’s face if you surprised her with a cake? What mom doesn’t love a good cake, and here at MCT, we have you covered.! We’re sharing 15 Mother’s Day Cakes you can choose from to make for Mom, and they are all delectable!

Lemon Blueberry Cake

A Lemon Blueberry Cake on a teal cake stand with a slice removed.

Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake presents moist lemony cake layers that are dotted with fresh blueberries and slathered with a creamy lemon cream cheese buttercream. A great mouthwatering cake to welcome Spring!

One reader says

“Made this for a bridal shower. Froze the layers because they were made ahead of time. Had to use reduced fat buttermilk because full fat was not available. Still, it was a huge hit! I was asked by two other women for the recipe. The beautifully decorated bakery cake was, surprisingly, not requested nearly as often.”


Get the Lemon Blueberry Cake recipe.

Authentic German’s Chocolate Cake

This Authentic German’s Chocolate Cake is the original recipe for this super moist, mild chocolate cake, and it’s frosted with the most delectable Pecan Coconut Frosting that you’ll ever eat!!   

Reader Debbie says…

“This was the first German Chocolate Cake that I have attempted from scratch.  I won’t be looking for a new recipe.  This is a keeper.  My husband loves a good German Chocolate Cake so I made this just for him.  And I will be making it again.


Get the Authentic German’s Chocolate Cake Recipe.

Fresh Banana Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

This Fresh Banana Cake is moist and dense like any good made from scratch banana cake should be, and it’s topped with a fluffy cinnamon cream cheese frosting.  Your friends & family will devour this delicious cake. 

Reader Judith says…

“My family can’t stop complimenting me about this recipe. Because I know my family best I made this recipe in cupcake form. My stepson said it made it to my top ten list (he mentioned #1 or #2. All I can say I am glad I ran out and bought buttermilk and got baking. Thank you for this quality recipe!”


Get the Fresh Banana Cake recipe.

Mandarin Orange Cake

A slice of Mandarin Orange Cake with a forked bite on a blue plate.

This super moist & delicious Mandarin Orange Cake starts with a cake mix and is super easy to make and it’s packed full of delicious ingredients like mandarin oranges, pineapple, and cool whip. 

Get the Mandarine Orange Cake recipe.

Fresh Peach Upside Down Cakes with Nutmeg Whipped Cream

These Fresh Peach Upside Down Cakes with Nutmeg Whipped Cream are made with warm caramelized brown sugar peaches that are baked under tender warmly spiced cakes and topped with fresh nutmeg whipped cream. 

Get the Fresh Peach Upside Down Cakes recipe.

Favorite White Cake

This cake has a tender, velvet-like texture and a wonderful vanilla flavor, and it tastes incredible when finished with light and marshmallowy Seven-Minute frosting!

Reader Debi says…

“Moist, tender and delicious. I have never tried this method but thought the results were great and this will definitely be my new “go to” for a white cake!


Get the Favorite White Cake recipe.

Lemon Layer Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Buttercream

A slice of Lemon Layer Cake with a bite out of it.

This is the only Lemon Layer Cake recipe you need!!  Not only is it moist and loaded with fresh lemon flavor, but it’s frosted with a delicious creamy lemon buttercream frosting.  This cake is a lemon lover’s dream and is perfect for any special occasion!  

Reader Emily says…

“My boyfriend made this cake yesterday for a family gathering. It was a complete hit! It is the perfect summer cake!  Everyone loved it! The lemon flavor was perfect and not overpowering and the cream cheese buttercream frosting is a perfect compliment to the cake. The cake is not overly sweet which was fantastic!  It was simply delicious! We are adding the recipe to our repertoire.” 


Get the Lemon Layer Cake recipe.

Strawberry Cream Cake

This Strawberry Cream Cake combines delicious layers of vanilla cream cake, fresh juicy strawberries, and a creamy whipped cream/cream cheese filling.  It’s also super easy to make and it’s the perfect refreshing and light dessert!

Reader Sylvia says…

“I made this for my family for Easter. They loved it will be doing it again.

Get the Strawberry Cream Cake recipe.

Pineapple Sheet Cake

This Pineapple Sheet Cake is super moist, flavorful, and easy to make.  There’s no oil or butter in this cake.  The moistness and flavor come from the pineapple and juice.  It’s finished with a classic cream cheese frosting! So delicious!

Reader Nancy says…

“A good friend made this cake and all of us in our group loved it. It’s one of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten.” 


Get the Pineapple Sheet Cake recipe.

Angel Food Cake

This Angel Food Cake is light and airy with a spongelike texture that almost melts on your tongue.  It’s delicious by itself with a dusting of powdered sugar, or you can serve it with fresh fruit, a dollop of whipped cream, or a fresh fruit compote.  It’s delicious any way you serve it.

Get the Angel Food Cake recipe.

Lemon Chiffon Cake

A slice of Lemon Chiffon Layer Cake on a dessert plate.

This Lemon Chiffon Layer Cake is moist, lemony, delicate, and delicious. It has a moist and tender crumb, and the texture is between a dense butter cake and a light and airy sponge cake.  Lemon curd is tucked between the layers and it’s finished with a delicious whipped frosting!

Get the Lemon Chiffon Layer Cake recipe.

Super Moist Carrot Cake with Pineapple

This Super Moist Carrot Cake is packed full of flavor and moisture from freshly grated carrots and pineapple, and the addition of crunchy pecans, coconut, and cinnamon, completes the deliciousness of this cake!

Get the Super Moist Carrot Cake recipe.

Lemon Cake Roll

This spongy Lemon Cake Roll is packed full of fresh lemon flavor and it’s filled with a luscious lemony cream cheese/whipped cream filling!  It’s the perfect dessert to make when you’re in the Spring mood and it also looks elegant and impressive!

Reader Sharon says…

It was absolutely delicious and turned out exactly like the photo. I will be making this dessert again and again and again. Thank you for sharing this recipe” 

Get the Lemon Cake Roll recipe.

Chocolate Cake Roll

Chocolate Cake Roll is the perfect dessert when you want your friends to think you made some complicated dessert.  It’s really not complicated at all and it’s totally delicious!  Make this scrumptious dessert for the chocolate lovers in your life!

Get the Chocolate Cake Roll recipe.

Moist & Tangy Lemon Loaf Cake

Lemon Loaf Cake.

This Moist & Tangy Lemon Loaf Cake is made with fresh lemon juice and zest and that’s not all.  It gets soaked with a lemon simple syrup, then drizzled with a sweet/tart lemony glaze.  It’s undeniably delicious!!

Get the Moist & Tangy Lemon Loaf Cake recipe.

You’ve just viewed 15 delectable Mother’s Day cakes to bake for mom. You’ll have a hard time deciding which one to make.

Have a great Mother’s Day with your mom, and let her eat cake!

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