Happy Friday to all my sweet readers!  You haven’t heard from me during the past few weeks, so I thought I’d take a moment to give a quick life update, and to let you know that My Country Table isn’t going anywhere!

As you know, I am a self-taught baker who normally spends all of my free time baking in the kitchen.  However, It’s become harder and harder to make time for my happy place in the kitchen, when I’m always working a full-time very demanding job.  Therefore, I recently made two major decisions

Retirement:  At the end of April, I retired from my full-time job so that I can spend more time in the kitchen, doing what I love to do, and being able to share more recipes with you.

My Country Table Redesign:   I’ve also known for a very long time, that my little corner of the food blogging world was in need of some major redesign.  I reached out to Purr Design for this task.  They specialize in food blogs and have done SO many redesigns for food bloggers like myself.  My redesign is underway and will hopefully be completed by the end of July.

COVID:  Meantime, just as I walked away from my full-time job and couldn’t wait to dive headfirst into my kitchen experiments, I became very ill.  One quick trip to the doctor told me all I needed to know.  I had Covid!!!  Let me just say this.  I wouldn’t wish Covid on anyone!!!  Covid stripped me of all of my energy, and I had aches and pains where I had never had them before.  I had a severe headache and earache, to go along with all the other body aches, and a sore throat to boot.  I couldn’t taste or smell anything.  My husband Don, who was an excellent nurse, tried putting every imaginable food in front of me, just to watch me push it away.  And Cindy the sugarholic didn’t even want to think about eating a bite of sugar.

BFF:  Never doubt man’s best friend.  My buddy, my baby, little Cosmo has never left my side the entire time I’ve been down.  He could tell mommy was sick and didn’t want to be picked up from my side.  He was my devoted little buddy for weeks.  Four pounds of unconditional love!  This mommy won’t trade him for anything!!

One Month Later:  I’m finally out of the woods.  I still feel very weak.  I can stand for about 5 minutes now, without having to sit down.  I still have no taste or smell but am feeling very fortunate in knowing that I’m going to beat this horrible Covid bug.

Mother Nature:  While I’ve been down, I’ve totally missed out on what Mother Nature has been busy doing outside.  I love you Mother Nature!!  My husband Don, suggested I take a little walk out on our back deck to see some of my beautiful flowers that are in bloom.  I never realized just how wonderful a breath of fresh air could be, and then I saw the huge bright purple flowers of a clematis vine, climbing up our windmill, and I realized that all the man-made things in this life, could never take the place of what mother nature makes.

I hope my friends that you will understand my absence over the past few weeks and over the next few, while I’m trying to regain my energy.  I promise I will be back in the saddle soon, and sharing new recipes!