It’s been a while since I’ve given any updates on my blog.  Grab a cup of coffee and come have a seat at My Country Table and let’s catch up!  My baby Cosmo says he’s way overdue for some attention too, and he loves the spotlight.   First things first…Just in case you’ve been wondering why I have slowed down on posting the past couple of weeks, I’ll explain.

Updating Old Recipe Photos

You may have noticed over the past few months, that I’ve been reposting some of my older recipes with new updated photos and tips.  I totally cringe when I look at my old recipe photos, back when I took all of my pictures with my i-phone and took all horizontal pictures.  Vertical pictures are the way to go with food pictures and especially when posting them to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.  I hope you’ll be patient with me as I filter these updated recipes in with my new ones.

These Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes are one of my latest updated recipes.  Besides updating pictures, I added more fresh strawberry flavor to the recipe by adding cooked and reduced strawberry puree and freeze-dried strawberries.

Have I ever mentioned that I make lots of messes in the kitchen?  Not only do I make messes, but I also do stupid things quite often, mainly when my husband Don walks in and starts talking to me when I’m in the middle of making a recipe.  I usually don’t share these pictures but today I’ll share the latest kitchen disaster with you.

Are you ready?

Yep…that happened!!  I had just removed this beautiful cheesecake from the oven and was getting ready to run a knife around the edges before placing the cheesecake, with the springform ring around it, in the fridge for four hours to chill.  Don walked into the kitchen and started talking to me and without thinking, I inadvertently released the ring around the warm cheesecake and the rest is history.  Yep, Cindy the idiot here.


I’ve also been taking a masterclass on French pastry in my spare time, so I can learn the secrets of perfecting it.  Over the years I’ve made lots of pastry recipes but I’ve always wanted to hone in on my French pastry skills, making pastry with lots of perfect flaky layers.


I spend a lot of time in the kitchen testing recipes.  Many of these recipes don’t pass the “perfect recipe” test with me, and if it doesn’t pass it doesn’t get posted.  I promise that any recipe I share with you has been taste-tested and totally approved by me.

Cosmo – kitchen assistant

Okay, someone is pawing a hole in my leg, so I’ll sign off for now.  I bet you can’t guess what recipe I’ll be posting this weekend.  Hint…I might have had to make it twice!

Talk Soon!