I don’t know about anyone else, but here in Kentucky it’s cold and windy, and today we had gigantic snow flakes.  I actually looked down the way at my little chicken coop and was feeling sort of sorry for my three girls, Gertrude, Hilda & Wanda.  It’s been quite some time since they’ve been allowed to venture out due to the weather.  They have a nice heater inside to keep them warm, but they surely have to get cabin fever like people do.  Don’t they?  I’ve had a major dose of it myself lately…that’s when I go bake something in the kitchen and pretend it’s Spring outside.  It’s funny…when it’s 90 degrees in the heat of Summer, I wish it was Fall.  Now it’s Winter and I wish it was Spring.  Well anyhow, I took a walk down to check on the girls…

landscape - 24Gertrude was sitting by herself alone in the corner…and I asked her what was on her mind….She let out a small cackle and said she had just been dreaming about Spring and Summer when she’s allowed to roam the yard, dig in the mulch beds and catch bugs.  I understand chicken language, ya know…I grew up on a farm, and played with the chickens a lot, cause my evil twin wouldn’t play with me.  Anyway…I told Gertrude I understood….I’ve been dreaming about warm weather too….and fixing the mulch that she digs up.

I gave Gertrude some cracked corn, patted her on the head and told her to go back to sleep and dream away….

landscape - 1 (1)

landscape - 32

landscape - 31

landscape - 20

Then I went back to the house, sat down at my kitchen table and started letting my mind wander to blooming trees, butterflies and flowers… I’m still dreaming…don’t wake me!!!landscape - 30

landscape - 25

landscape - 23

landscape - 22

landscape - 21


landscape - 13


landscape - 10

landscape - 5

Still dreaming……don’t wake me…..